A New Website for a New Generation

It's amazing to think we have been in the business of providing vintage style wedding cars for 19 years, since 1995 to be precise. Time has flown by and we have be privileged to be a part of hundreds of weddings if not a thousand or more! As we prepare our cars for another weekend of weddings, it's amazing to think that the people looking at our cars today for their future wedding will have been little children when we transported our first Bride (a Coventry wedding) to the church.

With technology ever changing and more and more people using smartphones we felt it necessary to take a few steps to keep up with the younger generation. My son, who ironically designed our first website all those years ago was given the task of updating our website for a more modern, cleaner feel. After a few weeks of late nights and determination we were ready to launch. There are still a few things that need ironing out (as with all things new) but we are getting there and have decided to let you start using it. 

A few new things included are; more quality pictures, clearly showing you the difference between the cars we offer. Simple but classic layout. Integrated Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest. On top of all that cool stuff we now have our very own blog!!! This is a huge step for us and may take a little bit of learning but we aim to blog about each wedding we are a part of. We would love to see your interaction on pictures and stories.

Also we are now accepting all major credit cards to pay for your wedding car hire. All you need to do is ask us for the private code to access our secure payment page and you can pay with Visa, Mastercard and Amex! 

Booking your wedding car has never been easier!

3 simple steps...

  1. Check Availability 
  2. Send Booking Form
  3. Pay Your Deposit

Thats it, we will then contact you to finalize arrangements as the big day gets closer!

We are here to help - If you have any questions please contact us