Time To Get The Cars Ready For Our Next Wedding!

As we have stated a few times Married in Style prides itself in offering not only very reasonable and upfront pricing but also providing you with the car and service you expect for your big day! A lot more goes on behind the scenes than one may think. General vehicle maintenance, cleaning and polishing means that we keep ourselves busy preparing and planning for our next wedding. This is one of the main reasons we only do one wedding per car, per day. We prepare our cars for you and your wedding day and we are never in a rush to leave before our service is complete. From tying your choice of ribbons on the car to planning the most scenic and romantic route to the wedding ceremony or reception venue. 

Tying ivory ribbons to the mascot of our Beauford Tourer Wedding Car. Technology has now provided the "pull bow" which ensures perfection every time.

Choosing the car ribbon colour is usually decided by the Bride and Groom. In most cases we find that people choose the standard ivory - "classic" and blends with any wedding day colour theme.  Both cars are designed to match each other. The Badsworth Landaulette is finished with an ivory and burgundy exterior to match the burgundy interior. Similarly The Beauford Tourer sports the same ivory exterior and burgundy interior. They look great together, making them ideal for two car weddings! Both cars offer lots of room for the Bride and Groom to relax during the journeys to the venues. Cleaning must continue whilst the sun is shining!

John Binns, owner of Married in Style cleaning and preparing The Beauford Tourer and The Badsworth Landaulette for their next wedding duties.