A Warwickshire Wedding • Berkswell Church to Wroxhall Abbey

Rachel and Mark chose two of my favourite venues for their wedding. Wroxhall Abbey was once owned as a country retreat by Sir Christopher Wren. The nearby Grade 1 listed church is known as "Wrens Cathederal" and is often used for marriages. Rachel and her Father travelled from Wroxhall to Berkswell Church for the wedding ceremony, using those lovely country lanes that are so easy to find in Warwickshire. St John Baptist Church, Berkswell is a 12th century Norman building with the later Tudor wooden framed addition. A most beautiful sight for the Bride arriving for her wedding. Hard to believe that Coventry city centre is only 7 miles away. A cold day but no rain and as can be seen the couple lowered the hood on the Badsworth to be greeted by guests as we arrived back at Wroxhall Abbey for the reception. A very enjoyable occasion!